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Allow yourself a moment of pure relaxation with our natural essences boosting your mental well-being.

  • Aroma Therapy  |  55min $115   /  85min $165
    The Aroma Therapy Massage is a full soft body massage with aroma.
  • You & Me (couples) | 55min / 85min | Contact us for pricing
    The You and Me massage is a couple’s Relax Massage. It can be taken inside or outside. The doors between the Massage rooms will be open so the couples can see and be together during the massage.       
  • Your signature  |  55min $125   /  85min $180
    The Your Signature is a full body massage. It is a massage in which you create a combination of a Relax Massage and a Deep Tissue and lymphatic drainage. You can also tell the therapist if there’s a part of your body that needs more attention.  
  • Deep tissue  |  55min $130   /  85min $185
    The deep tissue is a full firm body massage. The deeper pressure is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension.
  • Stress away  |  25min  $65
    With the stress away massage you can get a 25 minutes massage from foot until neck or on a specific area of your body that needs attention.    
  • Kids Massage (maximum age of 12 years old) |  25min $50
    It is similar to a relax full body massage.
  • Foot massage  |  25min $50
    This is a great way to pamper yourself after a long day.
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