Fire & Wood Massages Fire & Wood Massages

FIRE & WOOD - Massages

Depending on what you desire, you can choose one of our three different Fire & Wood type treatments.

  • Lava stone  |  55min $125   /  85min $180
    The Lava Stone Massage is given with warm volcanic stones. The healing warmth of these stones will help relax both your mind and muscle tissues.
  • Santai signature  |  55min $125
    The Santai Signature massage is given with warm herbal stamps, bamboo sticks and lava stones. The warm herbal stamps will give a pleasant smell and with the use of the lava stones and bamboo sticks we can go deeper in the muscles.
  • Herbal massage  |  55min $125
    Is a Relax Massage with warm herbal stamps in combination with our caring hands.
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