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Our special treatments are available for those who need a little something extra of different. Please note that all special treatments must be reserved at least 48 hours in advance and are confirmed upon availability.

  • Shirodhara  |  25min $75
    The Shirodhara is a therapy in which your aura will be cleaned. At the end of this the therapist will pour a stream of oil on your third eye. This is to take away all bad thoughts. (25 min. Warm ocean water or special oil)
  • 4 hands (2 therapists)  |  55min $230
    The 4 Hands massage is a deep massage. 2 therapists will massage you at the same time with the same rhythm.
  • Lymphatic Drainage (NOT FOR LOSING WEIGHT) |  55min $125
    Lymphatic Drainage is a type of therapy for anyone but specially for people who are preparing for a surgery or are recovering from a surgery. This massage will help take all the toxics and fluids out of the body. It is a therapy that needs to be done a few times after a surgery. This therapy must be taken multiple times.
  • Yin Yan Balance |  55min $140
    The Yin Yan balance is a holistic massage. In this massage we’ll work on your chakra points and try to balance/open any blockades you may have. This will set your nerve system in balance. (With crystals, a combination with Shirodhara is perfect)
  • Thai (on floor mat)| 55min $130
    The Thai massage can only be done outside on the ground. It’s a stretch therapy. It helps relax and loosen up the muscles.     
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